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 Who Are We?

Our key task in Holywell is to share Jesus with everyone in our  parish. Everyone means everyone. This comes before everything we do in the parish and on this website, you can read about our activities and ideas for the future on our monthly news sheet, available in the three churches in the parish and in Holywell Library.

All our churches in the Parish of Holywell in the Diocese of St.Asaph aim to be inclusive and new members or visitors joining us from different traditions and backgrounds are always welcome.

Parish Community Centres

St. James' Church

St. James’ Church

In essence during the week both  St. Peter’s Church and Holy Trinity, Greenfield are available as community centres and are used by many varied organizations for meetings and events.

Coffee mornings are also held at both churches by the parish.

If you wish to use St. Peter’s or Holy Trinity, then Click Here.

Interior of Holy Trinity, Greenfield

Interior of Holy Trinity, Greenfield


St.Peter’s, Holywell


Please, Please send us your news, updates, feedback and so on so we can keep our witness current, please email us on:












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