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Revd. Aidan and Anne our reader

Revd. Aidan and Anne our reader

Available for YOU in the parish of Holywell

Mae gwasanaethau Dathlu, Bendithio a Chofio ar gael ym mhlwyf Treffynnon yn St. James’ New Road, St. Peter’s, Rosehill a Holy Trinty, Maesglas.

Celebrations, Blessings and Commemorations available in the parish of Holywell at St. James’ New Road, St. Peter’s, Rosehill and Holy Trinty, Greenfield.

Bedydd – Baptisms

I ddathlu ymroddiad cyhoeddus i Iesu Grist a’r Eglwys gan oedolyn neu rieni a rhieni bedydd ar ran plentyn.

The celebration of a public commitment to Jesus Christ and the Church made by an adult or by parents and godparents on behalf of a child.

In the parish of Holywell when it comes to the baptism of those not of an age to make the baptismal promises for themselves we make the effort to encourage parents to think carefully about the promises that they are invited to make on behalf of their child. This is because at baptism the Church comes to have an interest in the newly baptized person. The Church expects that baptism is the beginning of helping to make Jesus a role model in the life of the newly baptized. Our hope always is that the new Christian initiated into the Church and the Christian story at baptism will help to make the local Church stronger by their participation within it and their support for it. Despite the promise that parents and godparents make at baptism, that by their good example they will lead the newly baptized child in worship with the Church, this rarely happens and baptism has become a one off visit.

So we ask families who are sure that it is baptism that they are seeking and irrespective of what they decide to do after the baptism to attend a couple of Family Services and to meet the Church family before the baptism. This helps the Church to demonstrate that from its side it wants to take the relationship implied in baptism seriously and in the hope that the family might find something in the Church potentially valuable to their family life and worth coming back for following baptism.

Other parents will know that baptism for their child is not a priority for them preferring perhaps to allow their child to grow old enough to make the promises for themselves if they so choose or perhaps hesitant to approach the Church because they know instinctively that the promises shouldn’t be made lightly. That’s why in the parish of Holywell we also offer a Service of Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child.

 Diolchgarwch am Blentyn –Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child

Dathliad anffurfiol am fabanod newyddanedig neu blant bychain gan ddiolch i Dduw a gweddïo am fendith Duw ar eu bywyd.

An informal celebration for new born babies or small children giving thanks to God and praying for God’s blessing on their life.

Priodas – Marriage

Gwasanaeth Priodasol Sanctaidd sy’n agored i unrhyw un sy’n byw ym mhlwyf Treffynnon neu a allai fod yn byw i ffwrdd ond sydd â chysylltiad teuluol â St. James neu Holy Trinity. Mae croeso i’r cwpwl priodasol addurno’r Eglwys fel y dymunant ac mewn ymgynghoriad â’r Ficer i gynllunio eu gwasanaeth priodasol er mwyn gwneud eu diwrnod yn un arbennig iddyn nhw.

A service of Holy Matrimony open to anyone who lives in the parish of Holywell or who may be living away but who has a family connection to either St. James or Holy Trinity. The wedding couple are welcome to decorate the Church as they wish and in consultation with the Vicar to plan their wedding service to make their day special to them.

 Bendith Priodasol – Wedding Blessing

Os nad ydych wedi priodi mewn Eglwys ond yr hoffech gael bendith i’ch priodas yn yr Eglwys.

Not married in Church but would like your marriage blessed in Church.

 Adnewyddu Addunedau Priodas – Renewal of Wedding Vows

Ydych chi wedi bod yn briod ers blynyddoedd lawer ac eisiau adnewyddu eich addunedau priodas?

Have you been married for a number of years and would like to renew your marriage vows?

Gweddïau Cadarnhau yn dilyn priodas neu bartneriaeth sifil o’r un rhyw – Prayers of Affirmation following a same-sex civil partnership or marriage 

 Os ydych yn gwpwl o’r un rhyw ac eisiau cael cadarnhad cyhoeddus i’ch ymrwymiad a’ch cariad at eich gilydd o flaen Duw mewn Eglwys. Gellir cynllunio’r gweddïau cadarnhau yma yn unol â dymuniadau’r cwpwl a gyda chymorth y Ficer a fyddai wrth ei fodd yn cwrdd â chi i drafod hyn.

If you are a same-sex couple and wish to have your love and commitment for one another publicly affirmed before God in a Church setting. These prayers of affirmation could be planned according to the couples wishes and with the help of the Vicar who would be delighted to meet with you to discuss this.

Gwasanaeth Angladd – Funeral Service

Dathliad o fywyd aelod annwyl o’r teulu, p’un a ydoedd yn Eglwyswr/Eglwyswraig ai peidio. Gall y teulu gael cymaint neu gyn lleied o gyfraniad ag y mae’n ddymuno i greu gwasanaeth cofio iddynt.

A celebration of the life of a loved family member whether a Churchperson or not. The family can have as much or as little input into creating a service of remembrance as they wish.

Os byddai gennych ddiddordeb mewn siarad â Ficer Treffynnon, y Parch Aidan Coleman, am unrhyw rai o’r gwasanaethau yma, mae croeso i chi gysylltu ag o ar naill ai 01352 710010 neu

If you would be interested in speaking to the Vicar of Holywell the Rev’d Aidan Coleman about any of these services then please get in touch with him on either 01352 710010 or