Getting married in the parish of Holywell


St. James's prepared for a wedding

St. James’s prepared for a wedding

We are fortunate in being able to offer three different churches  in which weddings can be consecrated varying from the historic Parish Church of St. James adjacent to the Holy Well with its stained glass windows and traditional architecture to the ultra modern St. Peter’s Church built in 2009 or the modernised traditional church of Holy Trinity in Greenfield. Each church has special features to recommend it especially Holy Trinity and St. Peter’s where it would be possible to arrange a small reception afterwards on the premises.  We also have a robed church choir and organist that can be employed to provide music for the occasion.


Wedding at Holy Trinity

We will endeavour to do everything we can to ensure that you have a very special day if you choose to arrange your wedding with Holywell Parish.

 Contact the  Rev Aidan Coleman on 01352 710010