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Smiles from the Sunday Club

Smiles From Noahs Ark

Smiles From Noahs Ark

Sunday Schools

It's Christmas

It’s Christmas




Noah's Ark and Bulrushes

Noah’s Ark and Bulrushes














This work of art was undertaken by the Sunday School children and is on display in the main church at St.Peter’s . The children are mainly between the ages of four and eleven years and make their individual contributions which are then crafted into the display. Children attending Sunday School are taught in a purpose built room with modern facilities and come down to the church for the end part of the service.

‘The Bulrushes’

Image1The Parish subscribes to ‘Roots — Children and Young People’, which we find an invaluable source of activities for all members of the Bulrushes. Following the Church calendar of readings, the children develop their understanding through activities which include, bible study, arts & craft, games and the dreaded, ‘Bulrushes Sunday School Challenge’ (which is always very popular and enjoyed by all involved!) Sessions take place during the Sunday Service but are not limited to the church premises.

Prior to Easter the Bulrushes visited Pant Asaph Monastery (just outside Holywell) where they walked the ‘Stations of the Cross’ whilst taking part in a quiz and wrote and shared their own prayers at Calvary. In the recent past the group has also attended the Theatre in Rhyl to see the touring ‘Joseph’ and has produced appropriate artwork for the amateur version that was presented at St. Peters.



‘Noah’s Ark’

Made up of children of Pre-school, Nursery and Infants age we use craft skills to enhance our Image2learning. With Bible Stories as the basis for study, our crafts give children time to explore the passages and have fun making things at the same time. For example, wooden clothes pegs and lolly sticks have been made into people, trees are made from twisted paper, and cotton wool for clouds. We also use sheets for rivers and washing baskets for boats!

Our projects are then put on display for the Family Services so that everyone in the congregation can see our work and the children can show off their achievements and understanding.

Here is a picture taken in Noah’s Ark we’re focusing on the parable of the wise and foolish            builders. House made of sand and house made of rocks (or jenga blocks) completed by Harri and Freya.

The wise and foolish builders

The wise and foolish builders


‘Green Leaves’

Image3As the layout of Holy Trinity makes it difficult for the children to meet during the service, Green Leaves is held every Sunday afternoon. The children, (who are all junior school age), are currently working their way through the bible with the stories either being read from a children’s bible or delivered through DVDs. This is then reinforced through discussion and games.

The children at both St Peters and Holy Trinity attend the Family Services and provide the Nativity to their respective congregations at Christmas. They also had their own service on Good Friday at St Peter’s which proved very popular.

As well as attending Sunday School, many of the church children go on church holidays with Scripture Union (Bakewell and Braithwaite)

Recently the Bulrushes, Noah’s Ark and Green Leaves children, together with their families, had a joint barbeque. This provided a really good opportunity for all concerned to get to know each other better and form new friendships. Our plans for the future include continuing to strengthen this link by promoting further joint activities.