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Saturday 29th July 2017

Swift boxes installed at St. Peter’s

Anyone Interested in Praying for REVIVAL in Our Community?

Please let me know. Our meetings will be at my home and we can negotiate an evening together, maybe once a month to begin with.

Please contact Linda (Roberts)

01352 713414

Stonewall Cymru Conference

On February 3rd together with Sarah Hildreth-Osborne, our Diocesan LGBT chaplain, I attended a conference in Cardiff organized by the LGBT campaigning group Stonewall. Here are my reflections on the day.

For me the biggest revelation of this conference, and it was something that was emphasised from the get go, was how important it has become for Stonewall to encourage, promote and organize straight allies to work alongside LGBT people in the struggle for equal treatment in the workplace. This was central to the speech by the key note speaker Le Chun Lindsay and in the morning workshop I attended. For Le Chun Lindsay allies are critical to transforming work place cultures from non-accepting to accepting.

In the morning workshop I sat around a table with representatives from the police, Betsi Cadwalader Health Trust, Airbus UK, the Principality Building Society and others, many of them straight men and women who worked within their organization as champions for LGBT equality. They struck me as men and women aware and thinking about the difficulties of others whose sexual orientation was different from their own and who were prepared to put themselves in someone else’s shoes. Throughout the morning sessions my notes reflected what I was hearing about the role of allies. These were straight men and women who would, “help to make someone else’s path smoother”, “who would go above and beyond for others”, and who were prepared to stand up for others and say, “that’s not right”. When it comes to inclusion in the workplace, “we all have a duty to be allies to others”.

In the plenary session following the round table discussions in the morning workshop the talk was very much around how these various companies and public service providers could make better use of their LGBT champions and encourage others to come on board as champions. Many of these organizations ran an allies network and appeared to understand the concept of why allies are important. Champions were actively engaged in asking the question of others, “are you prepared to be an ally” and answering, when asked, “what do I have to do to be an ally?” The message throughout the morning from Stonewall was that allies matter and furthermore that allies should be visible.

One workplace champion had developed the slogan, ‘Straight for Equality’ while other networks invited allies to display a rainbow lanyard on their desk or about their person. Someone else reported that in the work of being visible as allies it was helpful to ask the following question of allies, “why did you become an ally?” and to highlight the answers to that question when encouraging others to come on board.

In the afternoon I attended the workshop ‘Doing More With Less’ where the main speaker was the Inclusion Officer with Merthyr Cynon Taff Council. In a time of budget cuts she spoke about the ways in which she was making do with a smaller budget to continue to be visible and to make her work for equality count with limited resources. One of the things that she would make sure of was that her calendar was always marked with the significant dates in the year for the LGBT community such as LGBT history month in February or in November remembering those murdered because of transgender hatred or prejudice, or the various Pride festivals and would then ensure some contribution from the Local Authority in helping to mark these events.

Not surprisingly the Church in Wales seemed a very long way behind many major business’ and public services in Wales on the issue of LGBT equality. It became even clearer to me, witnessing where many other organizations are at, that LGBT inclusion is an absolute necessity for the future of the Church in Wales in being the Church for Wales. I was astounded to be told that the Church in Wales was exempt from the 2010 Equality Act and as such can legally discriminate against someone on the grounds of their Christian belief. I still can’t quite believe that this is the case and so I am open to having that statement fact checked.

One defence offered by some in resisting inclusion is that it is important for the Church to be counter cultural rather than always going with the flow of the culture. However, it is to my mind no longer a matter of the Church being counter cultural when it comes to resisting LGBT inclusion because what we are countering is the very best instincts of many of our fellow citizens of Wales. The position that is required of us if we are to be a Church for the modern world is that we articulate our commitment to equality and root this in our Christian values.   Furthermore, it is clear from what I heard at the conference that the Church in Wales needs more strategic direction and passion from the top on the matter of LGBT equality. The decision by the Bishop of St. Asaph to appoint an LGBT chaplain was one step in this direction, but so much more needs to emanate from the top. I personally feel that the Church should also be encouraging straight allies within the Church by doing more to encourage and propmote an allies network for the Church in Wales. Furthermore, the Church centrally should be doing more to give official acknowledgement to some of the significant dates in the calendar for the LGBT community that I mentioned earlier. The Church in Wales has made statements of regret and apology in recent years for having for so long acted in bad faith towards LGBT people. However, the gap between those words and the actual practice of the Church must be narrowed and even closed.



Uganda Mission November 2016 update




Working for the full inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in the Church in Wales and throughout the Anglican Communion.

October 2016

 Initial meeting of Changing Attitude Trawsnewid De Cymru on Sat. 16th July

Report from Mike Jones, CATAC Steering Group Secretary

It was encouraging for me to meet supporters in the south of Wales, all from Llandaff and Monmouth dioceses. About a dozen people attended, 4 of whom I met at our National Conference in April. I was invited to give a summary of what we’ve been doing since Sept 2013. We then watched CATAC’s Iris Project film, which will be publicly shown for the first time at our LGBT Film Festival, in St. Asaph Cathedral, 6th December.
A discussion followed about short-term objectives: getting more supporters on Governing Body, and getting our message to people in the dioceses. There was general agreement that, as discussed at our National Conference in April,  in order to achieve these objectives, we should form small groups of supporters (as already exists in St. Asaph diocese): either in each diocese, or maybe in 2 dioceses combined. Those present agreed to be the new Llandaff-Monmouth group, and a few of them volunteered to form a committee and will meet soon.
I explained that those now part of the Steering Group would like become the ‘St. Asaph group’, as they are that already in effect, and asked if there should then be a new all-Wales Steering Group. The answer was ‘not yet’. Could the St. Asaph group continue to act as the national Steering Group for the time being? So I suggested, that if they do, there should be regular all-Wales meetings – not on the scale of the April Conference, but an opportunity to share ideas etc, maybe over lunch. This was agreed but no agreement as to how often or where.  Now we must seek to get groups of supporters  together in the other dioceses.
We finished with a eucharist in St. Augustine’s Church, Rumney.

N.B. The first meeting of the Llandaff-Monmouth dioceses steering group will be on Sat. 17th September.

Report from Jonathan Durley

On 16th July 2016 the inaugural meeting of  Trawsnewid Agwedd de Cymru (Changing Attitude South Wales) took place in Cardiff. It was a meeting where a safe space was established for discussion and support, when members who could share their life journeys and personal vocation to serving the Church. We had the privilege of welcoming Mike Jones from North Wales, where Trawsnewid Agwedd Cymru has been pioneered as a movement working for full the inclusion of LGBTI members of the Church in Wales. We were also held in prayer by our sisters and brothers of other denominations who were meeting at the same time for prayer, fellowship and worship in another part of South Wales . This just happened to be a co-incidence and was not planned, but more co-ordination needed – note to self.

The Church in Wales has made a significant development in terms of its thinking, which has made the leap to create prayers by the Bench of Bishops after civil same sex civil partnerships/marriages a as integral part of its liturgical life. While we feel these are limited in their scope and inclusivity, it is a development and we thank God for this progression. We need to support people to become members of Governing Body We reflected on our life in the Church, how we can serve and what we can do to become people who are recognised as people who serve and are working to extend the Kingdom as God designed.

We are very thankful for Mike for guiding us and we are committed to working together so that all people find a home in the Church, while being able to make progress of the Trawsnewid Agwedd de Cymru (Changing Attitude South Wales) Mission Statement: Changing Attitude Trawsnewid Agwedd Cymru is an organisation which is working for the full inclusion and equality of opportunity for LGBT people in the Church in Wales and in the wider Anglican Communion.


Hydref 2016

Cyfarfod agoriadol Changing Attitude Trawsnewid Agwedd Cymru (De)

Adroddiad gan Mike Jones, Ysgrifennyd Grŵp Llywio CATAC

Calondid mawr oedd gael cyfarfod â chefnogwyr yn ne Cymru, pob un ohonynt o esgobaethau Llandaf a Mynwy. Rhyw ddwsin a ddaeth ynghyd, y cyfarfûm a 4 ohonynt yn ein Cynhadledd Genedlaethol, fis Ebrill diwethaf. Cefais wahoddiad i gynnig brasolwg ar ein gwaith er Medi 2013. Yna, buom yn gwylio prosiect ffilm IRIS, a gaiff ei chyflwyno i`r cyhoedd am y tro cyntaf yn ein Gŵyl Ffilm LGBT yng Nghadeirlan Llanelwy, 6ed. Rhagfyr.

Cafwyd trafodaeth am ei hamcanion tymor-byr: sicrhau etholiad rhagor o`n haelodau i`r Corff Llywodraethol a throsglwyddo`n neges i lawr gwlad yr esgobaethau. Cafwyd cytundeb, yn unol â`r drafodaeth yn y Gynhadledd Flynyddol fis Ebrill, y dylid ceisio gwireddu`r amcanion hyn trwy ffurfio grwpiau bach o gefnogwyr (fel sy eisoes yn boboli yn esgobaeth Llanelwy): un ai fesul esgobaeth, neu wrth uno dwy esgobaeth ynghyd. Cytunwyd y dylai`r grŵp Llandaf/Mynwy gynnwys pawb oedd yn bresennol a chodwyd pwyllgor o wirfoddolwyr fydd yn cyfarfod ym mhen ychydig.

Esboniais yr hoffai`r sawl oedd eisoes yn aelodau o`r Grŵp Llywio gael eu cydnabod fel `grŵp Llanelwy`, gan mai felly ydynt yn barod, i bob pwrpas. Gofynnais a ddylid, yn sgîl hynny, godi Gwrp Llywio newydd i Gymru gyfan. “Ddim am y tro”, oedd yr ateb. Fedrai grwp Llanelwy barhau i weithredu fel Grwp Llywio cenedlaethol am y tro? Os felly, awgrymais y dylid trefnu cyfarfodydd rheolaidd Cymru-gyfan – nid ar yr un raddfa â Chynhadledd Ebrill, ond fel cyfle i rannu syniadau, dros ginio, efallai. Debyniwyd y syniad, ond heb gytundeb ar leoliad neu amlder y cyfarfodydd. Yr her nawr yw i ni alw ynghyd grwpiau o gefnogwyr o`r esgobaethau eraill.

Terfynwyd ein trafodaethau gydag Eucharist yn Eglwys Awstin Sant, Tredelerch (Rumney)

D.S. Cynhelir cyfarfod cyntaf grwp esgobaethau Llandaf-Mynwy ar 17eg. Medi.

Adroddiad gan Jonathan Durley

Ar 16eg Gorffennaf 2016 cynhaliwyd cyfarfod cyntaf `Changing Attitude Trawsnewid Agwedd Cymru (De)` yng Nghaerdydd. Roedd yn gyfle i aelodau rannu eu profiadau bywyd a`u hymateb personol i`r ymdeimlad o alwedigaeth i wasanaethu`r Eglwys yng Nghymru, a hynny mewn amgylchfyd diogel. Braint oedd gael croesawu Mike Jones o ogledd Cymru, lle paratowyd y tir i waith CATAC fel mudiad er hyrwyddo cynhwysiad cyflawn ei haelodau LGBTI ym mywyd yr Eglwys yng Nghymru. Bu ein chwiorydd a`n brodyr o enwadau eraill, oedd yn cyfarfod tua`r un adeg mewn ardal arall o dde Cymru, hefyd yn gweddio ar ein rhan. Cyd-ddigwyddiad oedd hyn, ond dylid ceisio osgoi cyfarfodydd yr un pryd am y dyfodol.

Cafwyd datblygiad arwyddocaol ym meddylfryd yr Eglwys yng Nghymru yn ddiweddar. Cam sylweddol oedd i Fainc yr Esgobion gynhyrchu gweddïau i`w defnyddio yn dilyn seremonïau partneriaeth sifil / priodas un-rhyw, fel rhan o ddarpariaeth litwrgaidd yr Eglwys. Er mai cyfyng yw eu hystod a`u cynhwysedd,  maent i`w croesawu fel cam ymlaen, a diolchwn i Dduw amdanynt. Cytunwyd bod angen i ni gefnogi pobl i ymaelodi yn y Corff Llywodraethol ac i ystyried sut orau y gallwn wasanaethu yn y fath fodd nes hyrwyddo lledaeniad y Deyrnas, yn unol ag ewyllys Duw.

Diolchwn i Mike am ein harwain. Ymrwymwn i gydweithio fel yr hyrwyddir amcanion CATAC  yn unol â`i ddatganiad cenhadu, a fel y gallo pawb, yn ddiwahân, ganfod cartref yn yr Eglwys.

 Iris in the Community and CATAC’s mini Film Festival on 6th December

Identified as one of the top 50 film festivals in the world, the Cardiff Iris Prize Festival celebrates its 10th birthday this October and at £30,000 the Iris Prize is also the largest LGBT short film prize in the world.

Iris Prize Outreach, the organization responsible for running the Iris Prize, has been awarded a Big Lottery Fund grant to launch and run a new project called “Iris in the Community”. The project will work to build tolerance and understanding of Wales’ LGBT communities, promoting equality and diversity alongside community cohesion, through the making of short films and the holding of local film festivals.

The Iris in the Community project has been working in partnership with CATAC not only to produce a short film about our work, entitled All One In Christ,but also to present a film festival, at which our film will be launched and seen publicly for the first time.

The Festival will be held at St. Asaph Cathedral, Tuesday 6th December, starting at 7.00p.m. We are pleased to tell you that both the Bishop of St. Asaph and the Archbishop of Wales have indicated they will attend. We hope soon to make available more details about the evening, together with publicity materials. The Steering Group meets on the 27th September to discuss the planning for the event.

For the Festival we have chosen a selection of Welsh and international short films, including:

That’s So Straight, made by Cardiff High School, using comedy to subvert stereotypes used about LGBT people;

Alex, a Welsh language film made by Ysgol Cymer Rhondda, exploring what it feels like for a young person who is different from everyone else and considering the assumptions society makes of people.

Novena, a film from Ireland, directed by award winning filmmaker Anna Rodger, recording an unusual speech made during a Novena mass;

Aban & Korshid, made in the USA, but inspired by real events in the Middle-East, and giving a glimpse into the world of two lovers, moments before their execution for being gay.

IRIS yn y Gymuned a Gwyl Ffilm Gryno CATAC ar Ragfyr 6ed.

Bydd Gŵyl Gwobr IRIS Caerydd, a gydnabyddir yn un o 50 gŵyl ffilm orau y byd, yn dathlu ei 10fed penblwydd yr Hydref hwn. Ei gwobr o £30,000 yw`r  fwyaf a gynnigir am ffilm fer LGBT yn y byd.

Mae`r sefydlaid sydd â`r cyfrifoldeb am drefnu`r Wobr IRIS, sef yr ‘IRIS Prize Outreach’, wedi derbyn grant gan y Gronfa Fawr y Loteri i lansio a chyfarwyddo prosiect newydd o`r enw ‘IRIS yn y Gymuned’. Gwaith y prosiect fydd hyrwyddo goddefgarwch a dealltwriaeth o gymunedau LGBT Cymru, gan annog cydraddoldeb ac amrywiaeth ochr yn ochr â chydlyniad cymundeol, a hynny trwy gynhyrchu ffilimau byrion a chynnal gwyliau ffilm lleol.

Bu prosiect ‘IRIS yn y Gymuned’ yn cyd-weithio gyda CATAC, nid yn unig wrth gynhyrchu ffilm fer am ein gwaith, dan y teitl ‘All One in Christ’, ond hefyd wrth gyflwyno gŵyl ffilm, y dangsor ein ffilm ni ynddi am y tro cyntaf.

Cynhelir yr ŵyl yn Eglwys Gadeiriol Llanelwy, dydd Mawrth, 6ed Rhagfyr am 7.00pm. Ein gobaith oedd cael cyhoeddi bod Esgob Llanelwy ac Archesgob Cymru, ill dau, wedi derbyn ein gwahoddiad i fod yn bresennol; ond deallwn na fydd yr Archesgob Barry yn gallu derbyn y gwahoddiad oherwydd triniaeth lawfeddylgol.

Gobeithiwn, cyn bo hir, gael rhannu rhagor o fanylion am y noswaith, ynghyd ag adnoddau hysbysebu.

Rydym wedi dewis detholiad o ffilmiau byrion Cymreig a rhyngwladol ar gyfer yr ŵyl, gan gynnwys:

That`s So Straight, o waith Ysgol Uwchradd Caerdydd, sy`n defnyddio comedi er mwyn tanseilio`r stereoteipiau a ddefnyddir ar gyfer pobl LGBT.

Alex, ffilm Gymraeg a wnaed gan Ysgol y Cymer, Cwm Rhondda, yn ymchwilio i deimladau person ifanc sy`n wahanol i`r rhelyw, yn wyneb parodrwydd y lliaws i feirniadu.

Novena, ffilm o`r Iwerddon a gyfarwyddwyd gan y wneuthurydd ffilm aml-wobrwyog, Anna Rodger, sy`n cofnodi araith anarferol a wnaed yn ystod Offeren Novena.

Aban & Korshid, ffilm o`r UDA, ond a ysbrydolwyd gan ddigwyddiadau go-iawn y Dwyrain Canol, sy`n cynnig cip-olwg i fyd dau gariad cyn iddynt gael eu dienyddio am fod yn hoyw.

Stop press

News for those of you who live in Bangor diocese, or know any supporters who do: there will be the first meeting of CATAC, to discuss and decide on the existence of Changing Attitude Cymru in the Bangor Diocese. The date and time: Tuesday 10th December, 10.00 – 11.30am. The venue is the Oakley Arms,  Tan Y Bwlch, Maentwrog, Blaenau Ffestiniog, LL41 3YU.

National Steering Group

 We need urgently two supporters to take on the jobs of Membership Secretary and Treasurer. Neither are onerous at present. If you think you could help please, please contact Aidan or Mike.


Wherever you are in Wales, if you would like to get more involved in our campaign, please get in touch:


Aidan Coleman, chair of Steering Group        tel. 01352 710010       email

Mike Jones, secretary of Steering Group       tel. 07779 059922       email

Facebook page  

Twitter                        @CATACymru

 P.S. We are sorry to learn recently that Archbishop Barry now cannot attend our film festival, since he will be recovering from surgery. We have sent him our good wishes for a speedy recovery, and our thanks for his support for the changes we are campaigning for, which he reiterated in his final address to the Governing Body of the Church in Wales in September.

A Future for St. James’ Holywell?

St. James' Church

St. James’ Church

In just over a year’s time the Anglicans of Holywell will be entering the 10th anniversary year of the completion of St. Peter’s Church on Rose Hill which opened in 2008. In that year St. Peter’s became a new home to many Anglicans who had long worshipped at St. James’ on the Well Hill and in the last ten years the Sunday congregation at St. James has declined even further. The average Sunday morning attendance at St. James’ is now just eight people.

In 2007 the parish of Holywell had two Church buildings, St. James’ and Holy Trinity, Greenfield. Now, since the opening of St. Peter’s in 2008 we have three buildings. It might be reasonable to assume that with an average Sunday morning congregation of just eight people St. James’ has become surplus to requirements.

Yet St. James is an ancient Christian site and is considered by many a beautiful and unique place of worship. It is also held in much affection by the wider population of Holywell and families who might never otherwise darken its doors often return there to mark important occasions in the life of their family such as the death of a loved one, or the celebration of a new birth or a marriage. At the same time however goodwill and affection does not pay the bills and the considerable costs of giving an ancient building the attention it requires.

In recent weeks a small task group has been formed from within the congregation of St. Peter’s and the wider community of Holywell which is seeking to try and find a future for St. James’. We recognize that time is not on our side as the Church cannot afford to subsidize St. James’ in the long term but we do want to try and do something to preserve this building for Holywell and as a place of Christian worship. Could you help us in either of two ways?

Firstly, we are inviting the wider community of Holywell and beyond to join the debate on the future of St. James’. We are keen to identify and link up with a possible community project that could be housed at St. James’. Ideally, any such project would be capable of helping to attract funding into the building to do the redecoration and upgrading of facilities that is required and would allow St. James to continue to serve as a place of worship. The task group has already agreed that if a suitable project could be found then all the fixed pews could be removed to create the space required by the project.

Secondly, the task group has also agreed to create a Friends of St. James’ network inviting those who are keen to see a future for this historic and unique building to become a Friend and in so doing to make an annual subscription of £15.00. Please get in touch with the Rev’d Aidan Coleman either by phone on 01352 710010 or by e-mail on or by post to

The Vicarage,1,Llys Bychan, the Ridings, Holywell CH8 7SX

if you would like to discuss ideas for the future of St. James’ or to become a Friend of St. James’.



What Next For Mission Transformation

The 5th September was the first slice of planting in our community heratage orchard. Read about it here.


The 23rd of May 2015 was Transformation day at St Peter’s and this is the story.

It began with this wild space.





And these plants provided as part of the Keep Wales Tidy “Natural BUZZ” initiative.

WithThis BuzzWeb





And then a team of voulenteers set to work, you may know some of them?





One month on things are realy starting to bloom! and we have a plesent area to sit and meditate in. However so do the weeds so watch out for the next gathering to be advertised soon.

Blooms01web Blooms02web

Have you ever thought about what you can do?

To be an effective community church means we will always need your help and support. In particular do you have the time and skills to help with:-

  •     Fund Raising
  •    Designing Posters
  •    Exhibiting your talents and sharing your ideas
  •    Children’s work; you will need CRB checking as it is mandatory
  •    Are you a Musician we are especially looking for a drummer, could this be you?
  •    How about helping with the upkeep of the gardens

 Please take the first step and get in touch, as we would be delighted to hear from you.


Again this year we are opening the church on Saturdays from June to the end of September, and are still looking for volunteers to be available at the church to welcome our visitors.

We usually plan the rota in two hour slots between 10.00am and 2.00pm but if you can only spare an hour that is fine.

Please look out for the rota which is now available and come to St James’s to welcome our visitors, meet some interesting people, or simply bring some reading and enjoy the peace and quiet, you could even bring a duster and a tine of brasso. the choice is yours.


Could you enjoy being part of Holywell Town Twinning?