Celebrating the baptism of your child

The birth of a new baby is something that brings joy to a family and demands that the occasion is marked by a special ceremony and celebration. Many people still wish to approach our parish to arrange this and we wish to make all families  feel especially welcome.


A Christening

A Christening

The churches of St. James and St. Peter’s in Holywell and Holy Trinity in Greenfield invite you to explore how the Anglican Church in this town could help you as parents to celebrate the birth of your child. If you would like to discuss baptism or discuss your own ideas for a service of celebration then please contact the Rev’d Aidan Coleman who would be delighted to come and meet with you.


A baptism at St. Peter's

A baptism at St. Peter’s

After the service it is possible to have a small reception for the family employing a caterer or using our facilities so the family can organize this themselves. Some  ceremonies can form part of the morning church service  at the respective church building if the family wishes this and the members of the parish particularly enjoy having a baptism or celebration of life service. Families say that they felt especially welcome and were touched by the reception they received.

Our BLESSINGS on recent Baptisms

Keagan Daniel Hughes Jones

Corbin Issac Sidney Adamson

Jack James Cottril-Gilsenan

Owyn Peter Bennett